Hamna Shida

Introducing our talented artist Hamna Shida, who is making waves in the world of electronic music with their unique blend of downtempo house and techno. With a focus on intricate percussion and rhythm, this artist creates hypnotic tracks that are both deeply atmospheric and incredibly danceable.
Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles and cultures, our artist infuses their tracks with a sense of exploration and adventure. From the soaring melodies of deep house to the intricate rhythms of techno, their music is a celebration of the power of music to transport and transform.
Whether performing live or in the studio, this artist is a true master of their craft, effortlessly blending intricate percussion with sweeping synth lines and a wide atmosphere. Their music is both thought-provoking and deeply emotional, inviting listeners to journey with them on a sonic adventure that is both uplifting and transformative.

So join us on this musical journey and experience the magic of their music for yourself.